New Teen Mattresses

New Teen Mattresses

Introducing the mattress designed for teenagers

Teenagers need on average 8- 10 hours sleep but evidence points to only 15 percent getting this much. Sleep is driven by our circadian rhythm, which is regulated by light and dark, and during our teen years, there is a shift to a later bedtime and later rising. This combined with early starts for school or college can cause sleep deprived teenagers. On top of this, increased social life, homework and exams, consumption of caffeinated drinks, the use of screens and social media, plus evening and weekend jobs contribute to sleep deprivation.¹

Lack of sleep in teenagers can lead to problems with memory and academic performance, behavioral problems, road traffic accidents and health issues.¹ So with the new school term starting, how can you help your teenager to get the best night’s sleep?

As experts in bespoke and natural fibre mattresses, Naturalmat have launched a mattress especially for teenagers. They have taken in to account key considerations parents face when choosing a quality mattress that will last their child through their teen years and developed the Teen Mattress.

Handmade in Devon using their signature Westcountry organic lambswool, each Teen Mattress is comfortable and naturally breathable, helping to disperse the child’s body heat when it’s warm and trap it when it is cooler. This helps them to regulate their body temperature throughout the night in all seasons for a less disturbed night’s sleep.

To offer the optimal level of firmness that best suits the teenager, there are two styles available. The Natural Teen Mattress is the firmer of the two, made with all natural fibres of organic coir (coconut fibre), latex from the rubber tree and organic lambswool. Whilst the Teen Spring Mattress offers a bouncier feel with its handnested pocket springs surrounded by organic lambswool.

The Teen Mattress will fit any bed size your teenager has. It comes in a choice of three standard sizes - Small Single, Single and Long Single plus it can be made to measure if needed. Made with a depth of 17cm, it sits between a child and adult mattress offering the right support at great value. Each mattress is designed to last throughout the child’s teenage years and even comes with a 5 year guarantee to give parents ultimate peace of mind.  Children with allergies or asthma may also benefit from this hypoallergenic mattress as it helps to reduce allergens in the bedroom. Natural fibres are anti-dust mite and a washable mattress protector, sold separately, will help further prevent these allergens.

The practical 100% cotton cover is made tough to handle drink spillages and biscuit crumbs. It even has a fun blue white striped look making it the perfect mattress for the teenagers’ bedroom.

The Teen Spring Mattress is £670.00 (single 90cm x 190cm).

The Natural Teen Mattress is £570 (single 90cm x 190cm).

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¹Quotes from Sleep expert Christabel Majendie