Adult Mattress, Teen Mattress & Topper Care Guide

1. Size tolerances

Although everything we do is handmade, we do try our best to cut and upholster with machine-like precision.

+/- 2cm is a normal industry tolerance, even with made to measure items.

Please note the natural fibres we use may also get compressed during transport and will settle naturally with time.

2. Let it breathe

When your mattress or topper first arrives you may detect the smell of lambswool, which will disappear over time.

It is good practice anyway to air mattresses as often as possible, so when it’s time to change your bedding try leaving it for a good hour before putting on fresh sheets and fling open your windows to increase air circulation.

Using 100% natural fibre sheets help your mattress breathe as well.

3. Flip, rotate & shake


After three months, turn your mattress over, so the underneath is on top. Wait another three months then rotate the mattress clockwise 180°. Continue to alternate turning and rotating every three months to help maintain its original shape.

Our zip and link mattresses come with two zips allowing rotation in all directions. Doing so will ensure equal wear and will prolong their life.


Flip, rotate and shake out your topper every time you change your sheets to help refresh the looser, softer tuftings.

This should be done at least one a month, as natural fibres settle over time and need reviving to keep their shape.

4. Our guarantee

Fibres dipping is completely natural and cannot be avoided, as is wear and tear on fabrics and bedding.

Defective workmanship, materials or construction however is a fault, and we offer a 10 year guarantee against these faults and will happily take back to repair or replace your Naturalmat product within that time.

5. Use a mattress protector

The most effective way to protect your mattress from accidental spills and stains is to use a mattress protector.

If you haven’t done so already, you can buy a cosy Naturalmat one filled with a breathable washable wool here.