The Benefits of a Natural Nursery Mattress

A picture of a baby sleeping on a natural nursery mattress.

Newborns can sleep for up to 18 hours a day and this time asleep is hugely important for their development. Among other things, sleep allows them to mentally process new experiences, gives their immune system time to strengthen, and supports their mental & physical development.

So, you want to make sure that your little one's sleep is long, deep, and as uninterrupted as possible. For this, there's simply nothing better than a natural mattress. A natural mattress is breathable, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and naturally firm - which all add up to a better night's sleep for your baby.

We should know - we’ve been making 100% natural, organic & chemical-free baby mattresses by hand in our Devon workshop for over 20 years.

A baby sleeping on a natural mattress.

Firm & Flat

A firm, flat mattress is incredibly important for proper bone and muscle development in babies, and is known to reduce the risk of SIDS. As your baby develops, they'll also need a firm surface which they can turn on, push themselves up from, and eventually learn to stand on.

Natural mattresses are comfortably firm thanks to the layers of breathable, supportive natural fibres, reducing the risk of SIDS and ensuring they sleep well. The Coco Mat is our firmest mattress, made from a core of certified organic coconut fibre (coir) lined with layers of organic wool. Recommended for newborns by the Lullaby Trust, the Coco Mat is the perfect first mattress for your baby. We also have a special travel cot mattress, so that your baby can enjoy these benefits even when travelling and away from the comforts of home.

A baby lying on a Naturalmat Baby mattress.

Breathable & Temperature Regulating

Did you know that babies can't regulate their own body temperature? Shuffling around in the night to warm up or cool down is something that we all have to learn, and this takes some time. Because babies are unable to do this, they often wake up during the night due to overheating.

The materials in our mattresses are naturally temperature regulating, which means that your baby won't overheat in their sleep space. All of our mattresses are lined with certified organic wool, which is a great natural insulator - wicking away heat when your little one gets too hot, and retaining it when temperatures drop.

Synthetic foam mattresses act in the opposite way, with their closed cells constantly trapping heat and making it difficult for your baby to sleep. Synthetic mattresses also trap moisture, which can become uncomfortable and could potentially become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The materials inside a natural mattress actively wick away moisture, so this isn't a worry.

A toddler sleeping on a Naturalmat Baby mattress.

Chemical Free

It’s more than likely you’ll notice a strange smell when you remove the plastic cover from a synthetic mattress. This is the result of off-gassing of various chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - a process which continues for the entire lifespan of the mattress. This isn't something you'd want to expose your baby to at such a crucial point in their development. Natural mattresses are a great alternative, being completely chemical-free.

Most synthetic mattresses are treated with nasty chemical fire retardant sprays, whereas ours don’t need this because our covers are made using a clever blend of wool and cotton. Wool is naturally fireproof, and the fabric is woven tightly in such a way that it's naturally fireproof - meaning no chemical fire retardants.

Furthermore, the materials inside our mattresses are 100% natural and organic, meaning that no chemicals were used in their production - meaning no off-gassing, and a healthier sleep space for your little one.

Find out more about our material certifications.

A baby sleeping on a Naturalmat Baby mattress.


Natural fabrics and materials are known to have hypoallergenic properties, meaning you can sleep soundly with a natural mattress in the knowledge that your little one isn't going to react to it.

This also means that our natural mattresses are great for children with sensitive skin or allergies, allowing them to sleep better, for longer. What's more, we treat our mattress covers with a 100% plant-based geraniol oil - which creates a hostile environment for bed bugs and dust mites whilst being soft on sensitive skin. Another reason to sleep soundly! 

Natural Materials - A Safer & More Comfortable Night's Sleep.

By choosing a mattress made from natural materials rather than synthetics, you're choosing a better night's sleep for your baby. A natural mattress won't off-gas horrible chemicals into your baby's room, and will be much more breathable, temperature-regulating and comfortable than a synthetic alternative.

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