We’re proud to be an official supporting partner of The Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading safer sleep charity.

Together we are dedicated to promoting safer sleep for all babies and are so pleased we are able to do so through our collaboration.

Naturalmat Baby began more than 20 years ago when our founder Mark’s son was born. Family has always been a huge part of who we are, and we are delighted to be working with the Lullaby Trust to support families through their crucial work raising awareness of SIDS, providing safer sleep advice, and offering emotional support to bereaved families.

Who are the Lullaby Trust?

The Lullaby Trust are a charity that provide specialist support for bereaved families and promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep.  

They are committed to supporting research to understand why babies die suddenly and unexpectedly and to find out more about how to prevent these tragic deaths.

Since their formation as The Foundation for the Study of Sudden Infant Deaths (FSID) in 1971 they have played a key role in the reduction of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by over 80%, and have helped save the lives of over 20,000 babies.

Our Partnership with Little Village

As part of our collaboration with the Lullaby Trust, we are proud to be donating 120 of our Coco Mat mattresses to London-based baby bank Little Village.

A registered charity, Little Village works to support families with babies & young children living in poverty across the capital - providing clothes, books, toys and nursery furniture to over 7000 children a year.

Our mattresses will be passed on to those who are in need, helping them create a healthy & safe sleep space and help give their children the best possible start in life.

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Quick Tips for Safer Sleep - What to do

- Always place your baby on their back to sleep

- Keep your baby smoke free during pregnancy and after birth

- Give your baby a clear, safe sleep space in the same room as you day and night for the first 6 months

- Use a firm, flat, waterproof mattress in good condition

Quick Tips for Safer Sleep - What not to do

- Never sleep on a sofa or in an armchair with your baby

- Don’t sleep in the same bed as your baby if you smoke, drink or take drugs (including medications that may make you drowsy), if your baby was born prematurely or was of low birth-weight

- Avoid letting your baby get too hot

- Don’t cover your baby’s face or head while sleeping or use loose bedding

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