What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is effectively a very thin mattress - intended to be placed on top of your existing mattress in order to alter how it feels. This could be to increase breathability, to adjust the softness of your mattress, or to simply provide a layer of comfort and opulence between you and your mattress.

At Naturalmat, we proudly handmake our mattress toppers in our workshop on the banks of the River Exe from the finest natural materials. Some of our mattress toppers are so substantial that we go the extra mile to tuft them (pictured), giving them their mattress-like appearance.

Tufting is traditionally intended to prevent the materials inside a mattress or topper from moving around, and the tufts are the button-like features you see within the dips in a mattress.

Do I Need A Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper can seem like a big investment, but if your mattress isn’t working out for you, it’s certainly worth considering. There are a whole host of mattress problems that can be resolved with the help of a trusty topper. You need a topper if:

Your mattress is too firm.
If your mattress feels a bit too firm, a mattress topper will help to soften it up. However, it must be noted that a mattress topper won’t actually make your mattress softer - only give the impression of softness.

You’re overheating on your current mattress.
If you’re struggling with hot, sweaty nights, a mattress topper may be the solution. Whereas synthetic mattresses are full of heat-trapping foam and nasty plastics, our mattress toppers are packed full with breathable natural-fibre materials - which are great for both temperature regulation and wicking away excess moisture.

You’re renting, and the mattress is uncomfortable - but you can’t get rid of it.
Many of us have been there - renting a home, stuck on a bad mattress that you’re not allowed to replace. A mattress topper is great in this situation, enabling you to incorporate some comfort into your sleep space. Even better, you'll be able to take the topper away with you when you leave. Result!

You want to add some hotel-style luxury to your sleep space.
If you don’t have a problem with your current mattress, and are just looking to upgrade your sleep space, a mattress topper can be a great way of making your mattress even more luxurious and comfortable. There's a reason Six Senses stock our Trendy Topper in almost all of their hotels.

You have a zip & link mattress and you can feel the gap.
A zip and link system is a great solution to the logistical issues behind larger mattresses - however, this can sometimes come at the cost of feeling the zip gap down the length of your mattress. Our Frome Topper is a great way of covering up this gap, making two mattresses feel like one and eliminating the problem entirely.

You live on your own and can’t flip your mattress.
If you live on your own and struggle with flipping your mattress, a topper is the perfect solution - adding a layer of comfort and breathability which helps to distribute your weight, meaning you only need to flip the topper - not the entire mattress.

Our Mattress Toppers

  • Most popular

    The Tremendous Topper

    Transform your mattress with our most popular and luxurious topper.

    From £500
  • Best seller

    The Terrific Topper

    Natural latex and wool provide exceptional comfort and support.

    From £410
  • Firmest

    The Bovey Topper

    A thick layer of natural latex makes this our firmest topper.

    From £390
  • Deepest

    The Traditional Topper

    Float off to sleep on a cloud of duck feathers and down.

    From £300
  • Best value

    The Trendy Topper

    Recycled denim and wool add a soft, comfy layer to any mattress

    From £360
  • Thinnest

    The Frome Topper

    Helps you regulate your temperature by improving airflow.

    From £280

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