Sustainable & regenerative sourcing since 1999.

Every key material that goes into a Naturalmat has been carefully selected from natural, regenerative and sustainable sources to minimise our impact on the planet. From organic certified wool and coir to locally crafted buttons, we handpick our materials from suppliers we trust.

Organic Coir

Coconut fibre, or coir, is an entirely natural fibre extracted from the coconut husk. Chances are, your home is filled with products made of coir, including brushes, doormats and, of course, mattresses. In fact, we love this springy, breathable material so much, we use it in almost all of our beds and mattresses!

The wonderfully versatile coconut tree, lovingly known as the ‘Tree of Life’, is native to warm, tropical countries like Sri Lanka, which is where all of our coir is responsibly sourced from. We have carefully chosen a GOLS certified organic supplier, which means the farmers and workers are making a decent living in good working conditions. Regular audits also ensure that the coconuts are grown without any chemical pesticides and fertilisers, keeping the soils healthy and enhancing biodiversity.

Certification: Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

Natural Latex

The delightfully soft and springy sheets of blended natural latex in our mattresses are the perfect replacement for synthetic polyurethane foam usually found in conventional mattresses. Our natural latex blend is light and airy, encouraging air circulation which helps regulate temperatures and prevent overheating.

The latex sap is skilfully tapped from Hevea Rubber trees and filled with air bubbles and additives to transform it into this hypoallergenic, durable and supportive mattress filling. If you’re wondering why our latex is grey instead of white, it’s because we add a touch of graphite to make it naturally fire-retardant, ensuring our mattresses are completely safe for your homes.

To find out more, read our Latex FAQs.

Certification: OEKO TEX® 100

Organic Wool

We’re especially proud of our organic wool, which comes from sheep grazing the lush, green fields of the west country, all local to our purpose-built workshop on the banks of the River Exe. A local natural resource, for a locally made product.

The wool is directly sourced from local wool farmers in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall that are organic certified either by the Soil Association or Organic Farmers & Growers. Buying direct from farmers means we are able to pay a premium of at least 30% more for their wool than if they went through standard market auctions, in recognition of what we believe is their true value.

Our wool is exceptionally comfortable and a wonderful insulator, almost magically trapping heat when you need it and dispersing it when you don’t. It is also naturally fire-retardant and antimicrobial, making it free of chemicals and dust-mites, for the most natural night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Certifications: Soil Association Organic, Organic Farmers & Growers

Recycled Denim

Denim is made of cotton, and thanks to clever recycling processes, our suppliers can give scrap fabric from the jeans manufacturing processes another lease of life. Denim offcuts from textile factories are washed, shredded and mixed in with recycled polyester to create a soft and breathable material, perfect for our economy range of mattresses and toppers.

By incorporating this innovative filling in our Splendid Mattress and Trendy Topper, we are saving tonnes of textile waste from ending up in the landfill by creating a demand for recycled materials made from waste fabric.

We are also collaborating with the Cotton Lives On Recycling Programme to create an exclusive range of mattresses filled with recycled fabrics. These mattresses are then donated to various charities tackling bed poverty, which is part of our campaign to make healthy sleep accessible to all.

Organic Cotton

Our exquisitely white, natural bed linen is made of 100% undyed and GOTS certified organic cotton, which means it’s sustainably grown with no chemicals or pesticides, in healthy soils that need much lesser water. We even buy it directly from source in India, eliminating the middleman and ensuring the producers receive a better price.

The cotton & wool covers wrapped around our mattresses are OEKO-TEX® 100 certified to Class 1, which means they have the most stringent standards that are safe for babies. They are also treated with an OEKO-TEX certified plant-based geraniol which ensures your mattress is protected from nasty bed bugs and dust mites without the addition of any harmful chemicals.

Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO TEX® 100


Delicately shorn from the mighty Angora goat, which originates from Central Asia, mohair is one of the most luxurious natural materials known to man.

For the Angora goat, it's the dream outer coat, keeping it warm in winters and cool in the summers. This is due to its exceptional 'moisture wicking' property, a system that guarantees year-round comfort, which is exactly why we use it in our natural fibre Mohair Mattress.

Mohair is the perfect balance of all-natural luxury and functionality : it's durable, breathable, supremely comfortable and naturally flame-resistant, so we never have to add any chemicals to your mattress.


Silky smooth and buttery soft, cashmere is a very special kind of wool named after the land of Kashmir, where the processing first began as a result of the silk road.

Cashmere comes from the soft under-fleece of Kashmir goats and its ultra-fine fibres make it resilient and long-lasting and yet feel absolutely divine to the touch. Although lightweight, it offers extraordinary insulating properties, and makes the perfect addition to our most luxurious Cashmere Mattress.

Just like our wool, this naturally renewable material offers a lavish layer of sophisticated insulation and breathability, making it a dream to sleep on.

Tagua Nut

The Tagua nut buttons that feature on our Organic Cotton Bedding are a small detail with a big story.

The buttons are made from seeds of the Tagua Palm, which grows naturally in equatorial forests with each tree producing up to 1800 nuts in a year! This helps to employ local communities and eliminates deforestation in these areas.

The Tagua palm is also commonly known as 'vegetable ivory', a fitting name as when carved, the tagua seed is strong and hardwearing but has a beautiful ivory finish. Which means the buttons have a wonderfully natural satin-like feel and make an elegant addition to our covers.

Feather & Down

In Europe, feather and down is sourced from water fowl like geese and duck. It is a high quality natural product that is breathable, wicks away moisture, offers heat insulation and is quite literally 'light as a feather'.

Our feather & down bedding is not only luxuriously soft and fluffy, but also exclusively uses materials certified by the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA).

The EDFA ensures that all the feather and down used in our bedding comes from responsible sources that do not harm any living animals.

Certification: European Down & Feather Association (EDFA)

Steel Pocket Springs

As a part of our sustainable and regenerative sourcing practices, we make a conscious effort to find certified suppliers wherever possible. Although not certified, our pocket springs are produced with at least 25% recycled steel content, with some of them containing up to 93% recycled steel from steel scrap.

We recognise that metal has a relatively higher carbon footprint due to its energy intensive production process which is why we're actively working with our suppliers to increase the recycled steel content in our pocket sprung mattresses.

FSC® Timber

We only use timber from FSC® certified sources for our range of handcrafted beds. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is the world’s most rigorous forest certification system, widely trusted to ensure our forests can support the future of our planet.

The programme exclusively certifies timber suppliers that prevent environmental degradation by maintaining forests and protecting native species.

Certification: FSC®

Organic Hemp

Since hemp is technically a weed, it grows tall, fast and in high density, making it a highly resource-efficient crop. It can be grown with very little land, water and zero pesticides, absorbing more carbon per hectare than any other crop or forest.

Which is what makes our certified organic hemp bed linen possibly our most sustainable range. Free of any harmful chemicals, naturally antibacterial and completely biodegradable at the end of it's life, our organic hemp linen is better for the planet, and for you. It's handmade for us in a solar powered textile mill in Portugal, where great care is taken to recycle the water used in the production process.

Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO TEX® 100

Organic Linen

Flax, the plant that linen is made from, requires far less water than most natural fibres and every part of the plant can be used for something, which means very little is wasted.

One of the oldest known fibres, linen bed sheets have a long history of being passed down as heirlooms in European cultures. In fact, linen that's well cared for can last up to three decades. Our certified organic bed linen is made in Europe, free of any harmful chemicals and dyes. It's gently bleached with caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide, to ensure it can naturally biodegrade at the end of its life without leaving any chemical residues.

Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO TEX® 100