At Naturalmat we understand the importance of having ample storage space throughout your home. And whether it’s bedding, out-of-season clothing or holiday decorations, the trusty bed has always been a reliable storage option.

So if you’re in need of some extra-versatile storage, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to our range of storage solutions - from simple raised bases through to ottoman bed bases, all built in our workshop in Devon.

Because every single Naturalmat bed is made by hand to order, our beds are totally customizable. Not only do you have total control over the fabric used to upholster your bed, you can also choose from a great range of storage options within your bed base.

To help you navigate through this journey, we’ve simplified your storage options into three categories: 1, Bedstead, 2, Divan and 3, Ottoman.

Our Storage Options Explained

What is a Bedstead?

Underbed storage occurs naturally with a standard, raised bed frame - otherwise referred to as a bedstead. A bedstead is usually elevated from the floor on tall legs (or supported by the headboard and foot end), and can be upholstered, or made from solid wood.

The relatively tall legs of our bedsteads provide an open area underneath the bed for storage, accessible from both the sides and end of the bed.

  • The Torrington Base

    Our Torrington Base is available in Beech (pictured), Oak, Walnut & Ash, and sits at a proud 23cm high - giving space for thin underbed storage boxes. Sprung slat system.

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  • The Heybrook Base

    For the Heybrook we combine a solid wood base & layers of our organic coir and locally sourced organic wool, with solid beech legs creating a low-profile, 'floating' bed base.

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  • The Salcombe Base

    A sleek divan base with squared legs. ​For those who like the look of a divan base but prefer a more low-profile option, the Salcombe Base is just the ticket.

  • The Another Bed Base

    The Another Bed Base is our hybrid bedstead developed in partnership with Another Country. This sleek, non-storage option sits just 12cm from the floor.

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What is a Divan Base?

Our divan bases are made from an FSC-certified wooden structure, which is covered in a layer of soft padding (called wadding), before being upholstered in our range of fabrics. A divan storage base doesn’t typically sit on tall feet like a bedstead, and instead sits only a few centimetres from the floor, on much smaller feet or castors (small wheels).

The key identifying feature of a divan is the upholstered base, which stretches from the feet (or castors) to a height of around 35 - 40cm. The solid slats on a divan base are also typically upholstered with Naturalmat's signature organic coir & wool wadding, before being covered in a range of natural-fibre fabrics.

Because of the way a divan base is built, the area underneath the bed isn’t openly accessible like that of a bedstead. An example of this is our Salcombe Base, which is a fully upholstered base sitting 10cm from the floor on square feet and rising to a height of 35cm.

However, thanks to its solid frame and taller construction, a great combination of sturdy drawers can be incorporated into our Coco Divan Base. Our drawers are constructed from plywood with precision dovetail joints, and reach 58cm deep into the base, providing ample storage space.

Our Coco Drawers come in four widths, ranging from the Continental Drawer (45cm wide) to the Extra Wide drawer (137cm wide). For our full drawer range, see the Coco Base product page.

  • Our upholstered Coco Base sits 6cm from the floor on castors - with a total height of 40cm. The solid slatted base is bolstered by 6cm of natural coir & wool wadding.

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  • The optional drawers in our Coco Base are made from durable plywood, incorporating a soft-close with an upholstered front to match the rest of the base.

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  • The Coco Base can accommodate four widths of drawers in a range of combinations - shown above are the Continental (45cm) and Standard (81cm) width drawers.

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What is an Ottoman Base?

Much like a divan base, our Ottoman Base is constructed upon an upholstered frame with short feet (raised 7cm from the floor). The mattress sits at around 41cm high, where the supporting slatted base is fixed to a metal frame on gas struts, which allow the mattress to be easily raised at an angle, opening up a vast area of underbed storage.

In this way, the Ottoman Base provides a great amount of storage without breaking up the upholstered base with drawers in the way that a divan-style Coco Base does.

The Ottoman Base is also a brilliant solution for those without the space either side of the bed to reach underneath or pull out drawers - and the base can be operated easily by the whole family.

  • The Ottoman Base features a fully-upholstered headend, footend and side rails.

  • The Ottoman Base can easily be lifted up with a mattress on top thanks to a pair of gas struts.

  • Within the base you will find ample storage for your blankets, duvets, and bedroom clutter.

Naturalmat Bed Bases

Now that we’ve taken you through our range of bed bases and storage options, it’s time for you to make up your mind: here are all of our standard bed bases for you to compare side-by side:

  • The Another Base

    A hybrid bedstead with button legs & sprung slats.

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  • The Coco Base

    Upholstered divan base with optional drawers. Fixed upholstered slats.

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  • The Torrington Base

    Wooden bedstead on 23cm tall legs. Sprung slats. Four colours.

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  • The Ottoman Base

    Upholstered bed with Ottoman storage. Sprung slats.

  • The Salcombe Base

    Upholstered bedstead on square legs. Fixed upholstered slats.

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