At Naturalmat Baby, every last cut, stitch and sew is done right here in Devon under one roof - with absolutely nothing pre-made. This means that we are able to make a mattress to any size or shape, perfectly fitting your baby’s sleep space - all we need from you are some measurements (and maybe a template if it’s an extra-special shape!).

Looking for a bigger mattress? Find our grown - up mattress made to measure guide here.

If you’re after a square-cornered nursery mattress of a particular size, that you just can’t seem to find, fear not - we have you covered. All we need from you are two measurements, and here's how to get them:

1. Place your existing mattress on a flat, level surface.

2. Using a tape measure, take a measurement (in cm) of the width of the mattress, going from corner to corner (to ensure you’re measuring at a straight angle).

3. Next, repeat the previous step by taking a measurement of the length of the mattress, going again from corner to corner.

4. Once you have these measurements, visit the relevant product page and select your chosen mattress in the size above the measurements taken. For example, if your mattress measures 55cm x 115cm, order a mattress in cot size 60cm x 120cm. (This is so that we have just the right amount of material to cut your new mattress from).

5. Beneath the size selection, tick the checkbox “Made To Measure”, and enter the dimensions of the mattress you require in the box provided.

6. Once you are happy to proceed, place the order - and our team of expert craftspeople will make your mattress to the exact dimensions you provide.

If you don’t have an existing mattress, measure the internal dimensions of their soon-to-be sleep space in the same fashion, first taking the width and then the length in cm. Once you have the exact measurements, deduct 1cm from each to allow room for the mattress to fit. For example, if you measured 76cm x 146cm, provide a measurement of 75cm x 145cm.

We reccomend that you use a pocket tape measure, straight-edge ruler, or sewing tape to measure your existing mattress. If you're struggling to take a measurement, feel free to call us on 0207 985 0474 and we'll be happy to guide you.

If your mattress or sleep space had rounded corners, or has an oval, round, or octagonal design, then we recommend that you send us a template. Here’s how:

1. Place a large piece of stiff card or paper onto a firm, flat cutting surface. This is what you will make your template from.

2. Place your existing mattress on top of the card, ensuring the mattress doesn’t overlap the edge of the card.

3. Using a pencil, carefully trace around the outline of the mattress, creating a template on the card. Please ensure that this template exactly matches the shape of the old mattress.

4. Once you have the template, roughly measure the width and length (in cm) as seen in the above guide. Using a pen, write the width and length on the template.

5. With these measurements, visit the relevant product page and select your chosen mattress in the size above the templated measurements. For example, if your template measures 55cm x 115cm, order a mattress in cot size 60cm x 120cm.

6. Beneath the size selection, tick the checkbox “Made To Measure”, and add the words ‘Template to follow’ in the box provided, with details of the dimensions you require.

7. Once you are happy to proceed, place your order. Please write your order number, and the name and contact number associated with the order, next to the dimensions on the template (this is so that when your template arrives at our workshop, we know who it’s from.

8. Fold the template, taking care not to rip or distort the edges, and mail it to the following address (we recommend using a Signed For delivery service):

FAO Jon (Production), Naturalmat, Odhams Wharf, Topsham, Devon, EX3 0PD

Once we have received your template, we will carefully craft a new mattress to perfectly fit your little one’s crib or cot.

Because of the way we make our Travelmat, out Made to Measure service costs just £10 extra. Any size and shape is available within a limit of 65cm x 120cm. 

To order a made to measure Travel Mat:

1. On the Travelmat page, simply select ‘Original’ from the size selection

2. Tick the "Made to Measure" check box, and add your length and width in centimetres in the box provided

3. Place your order as normal. Your order will be made to the exact dimensions specified.

For sizes larger than 65cm x 120cm please contact us for a quotation via or on 0207 985 0474.

The Costs

Unless otherwise specified, our nursery made to measure service comes at a flat rate of £25.00 per mattress - from cot size, all the way up to single size mattresses.

If you’re not sure which mattress to order, visit our nursery mattress page, give us a call on 0207 985 0474, or email us at

Please note that all Made to Measure products are not eligible for refunds or exchange.

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