We are proud to be the first B Corp certified bed and mattress company in the UK.

We’ve always been at the forefront of making planet-friendly mattresses with organic, sustainable and renewable materials. So needless to say, it feels truly rewarding to be recognised as the ethical business we’ve always strived to be and join this powerful global community of organisations working together for a better tomorrow.

Our B Impact Assessment score

What is B Corp certification and why is it important?

Becoming a certified B Corporation is no easy task. That’s why we applied. It is not an accreditation that can be bought, gamed or manipulated.

As a business that handles every step of the journey – from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, retailing and delivery – our B Corp assessment proved to be a particularly rigorous one. The process took close to 2 years to complete, with hundreds of questions to answer and access given to every part of our business - from staff welfare to energy consumption and everything in between.

It’s this level of independent scrutiny that makes B Corp certification so important in a world where many businesses talk the ethical and sustainable talk, without actually walking the walk.

The ‘B’ in B Corp stands for Benefit for All, and this is crucial. Its aim is to recognise purpose-driven businesses committed to being a holistic force for good for all people, communities and the planet. We are delighted to be a part of this mission.

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How is B Corp certification assessed?

Businesses are measured using a process called The B Impact Assessment. This is split into the 5 impact areas shown below, covering policies and practices across the business.

Within this assessment comes approximately 200 questions, the answers to which are verified by B Lab's independent Standards Team. A minimum score of 80 points is needed to submit your assessment to certify as B Corp.

  • Environment

    Environmental management system; recycling materials; water, waste and energy usage.

    Example question: Does your company monitor and record its universal waste production?

  • Workers

    Career development; health, wellness and safety; tracking satisfaction and engagement.

    Example question: What health and wellness initiatives or policies does your company offer beyond insurer-provided programs?

  • Community

    Civic engagement and giving; diversity, equity and inclusion; supply chain management.

    Example question: Is your company a community based business, focused on serving your local economy?

  • Governance

    Code of ethics; financial information disclosure; whistle-blower policy; mission and engagement.

    Example question: Has the company worked within its industry to develop social and environmental standards for your industry?

  • Customers

    Customer feedback or complaint mechanisms; regularly monitoring customer outcomes and wellbeing.

    Example question: How would you describe the positive outcome for customers created by your product/service?

How we’ve pioneered sustainability in our industry

From humble origins in 1999, when our two founders made the original ‘natural mat’ in a family boat-shed, we’ve come a long way. We started off making mattresses for boats with natural and breathable materials, eventually expanding into natural and chemical-free mattresses for babies and adults, championing safe and healthy sleep for everyone.

Over the next few years we made every effort to grow as a force for good. We pioneered sourcing organic wool directly from local farmers, installed solar panels on the roof of our workshop and moved to 100% renewable energy, and developed innovative plastic-free packaging.

In 2020 our achievements were acknowledged with a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

A Mattress For Life

Every mattress we make is covered by our Mattress For Life Initiative™, the first of its kind in the UK.

We’ll collect it from you when it reaches the end of its life, at which point you have three choices - refurbish, recycle or donate - ensuring our mattresses never end up in landfill.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

To ensure we continue to raise the bar in our industry, we outline our bold and clearly defined sustainability goals in an annual Impact Report.

Our sustainability strategy is based around five key pillars, with targets that will challenge us to do even more between now and 2025.

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Naturalmat Baby

Our founders Mark and Peter began making mattresses for boats over 20 years ago, looking to improve on the typical uncomfortable slabs of polyurethane. They opted for entirely natural fibres for their breathability, temperature control and comfort.

Following the birth of Mark's son Luke, he discovered that cot mattresses were also made entirely from synthetic fibres with nasty plastic covers. This led to the development of our 100% natural cot mattress, the first of its kind, and the start of the Naturalmat Baby story.


Sustainable & renewable materials

Every key material that goes into a Naturalmat has been carefully selected from natural, regenerative and sustainable sources to minimise our impact on the planet.

From certified organic wool and organic coir to locally crafted buttons, we source our materials directly from suppliers we know and trust.


Any questions?

Please contact our sustainability officer Ishwari at impact@naturalmat.co.uk