Thanks to our removable & washable mattress cover, caring for your nursery mattress is super easy! This simple guide takes you through the care instructions for our nursery crib, cot and cotbed mattresses, helping you keep your mattress in top condition.

For guidance on how to care for your Teen Mattress, see our Teen Mattress Care Guide.

1. Flip it & rotate it

The first time you change your little one's sheets, flip their mattress over so the bottom is on top (except for the Spring Mat, which has a firmer side for toddlers and springier side for children). The next time you change their sheets, rotate the mattress 180º. Continue this process every time you change their sheets to help even out any wear on the mattress.

Natural fibres settle and this is not a fault. It is not uncommon to have a dip where fibres have constantly been compressed, but this will recover with regular rotation.

2. Let it breathe

When your baby’s mattress first arrives you may detect the smell of wool, which will disappear over time.

It is good practice to air your baby's mattress once a week, so when their bedding is in the wash try leaving it for a good hour before putting on fresh sheets, and crack a window open to increase air circulation if possible.

Using 100% natural fibre sheets will also help your mattress to breathe.

3. Protecting your mattress

The easiest way to protect your baby’s mattress is with one of our Organic Waterproof Mattress Protectors. This will eliminate any need for washing the mattress, should any spillages occur.

Made from soft brushed cotton surrounding a breathable waterproof membrane, our protector will help keep your mattress dry and healthy, and is recommended by The Lullaby Trust.

4. Removing the cover

Moses basket and crib-sized mattresses have a zipped cover which is designed to be removed and washed. Please note that there is no inner cover, so you’ll reveal the natural fibre fillings when you remove it.

Cot and cotbed mattresses have both an inner cover and a zipped outer cover, and only the outer is designed to be washed. Simply unzip the outer quilted cover and pop it into the wash.

5. Washing the cover

You can spot-clean the covers with a sponge and mild detergent, or the cover can be removed and machine washed on a 40°C gentle cycle.

To avoid shrinkage, please do not tumble dry. Whilst air drying, we reccomend periodically stretching the cover to ensure it will zip back on with ease.

6. Refitting the cover

Our covers are designed to fit the mattress rather tightly, so follow these steps to reattach the cover after washing.

Ensure the cover is completely dry. Put one end of the mattress snugly into one end of the cover. Bend the mattress to fit the opposite end into the other end of the cover.

Carefully close the zip, pushing the material edges together. Take care not to put too much pressure on the zip when closing.

7. Replacement mattress covers

If you’ve had a stain on your covers that refuses to go away or need a little more time between doing laundry, we offer unquilted and quilted inner or outer cover replacements for all standard or made to measure sizes.

Cost will depend on the size of your mattress, give us a call on on 020 985 0474 or email to order.

Remember - the best way to avoid needing a replacement cover is by using a protector.

8. Our warranty

The fibres in your mattress will dip slightly over time, and this is completely natural.

However, defective workmanship, materials or construction is a fault - we offer five years warranty against these faults, and will happily take back to repair or replace your Naturalmat product within that time.

Any non-Naturalmat branded goods shall carry the original manufacturer’s warranty.