The Mohair Mattress

For those who prefer the firmest of mattresses!
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Delivery is free of charge and our current delivery time for mattresses is 6-8 weeks. You can find more info below or on our Delivery page.

45 Day Sleep Promise

The most important thing for us is that you find exactly the right mattress for you. If you feel it’s not quite right once you’ve slept on it for a week or so, just let us know within 45 days and we’ll find something that works better. Learn More

  • Organic

  • Chemical Free

  • Sustainable

  • Handmade

If a description of your perfect mattress sounds something like “the firmer the better” then look no further.

For the Mohair we combine two chunky layers of organic coir, with a central layer of natural latex, to make a mattress that has built up a loyal following of firm-mattress fans over the years. Firmness combined with exceptional breathability and durability, of course.

  • 1. Mohair

    A needled mohair layer to help control body temperature

  • 2. Organic Coir

    Organic coconut husk fibres, bound with rubber. Breathable, supportive, durable, and an infinitely renewable material.

  • 3. Natural Latex

    From the sap of the Hevea rubber tree. A springy and supportive natural alternative to synthetic foams.

  • 4. Organic Wool

    Sourced from local organic farms. Traps heat when you need it and disperses it when you don’t.

When we greet customers into our showrooms and get them started on the journey towards selecting the right mattress for them, if the answer to the question “what sort of mattress do you prefer?” is “firm” then the Mohair will invariably be their first port of call.

Whilst firmness is the Mohair’s most famous feature, it is only part of what makes it such a superb mattress. The layers of organic coir that provide this famous firmness are also uniquely breathable, particularly when compared to synthetic foam. This allows for improved air circulation, which in turn helps you better regulate your body temperature throughout the night for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

We combine the coconut fibre layer with a core of springy natural latex, and two layers of needled mohair and organic wool, which add further to the Mohair’s excellent temperature control and provide their fantastic natural hypoallergenic properties.

Technical Information
10 year guarantee
Mattress Depth 21cm
Complies with all relevant British Safety Standards (BS 7177: 2008 + A1 : 2011 : Medium Hazard, and the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations: 1988)
  • 45 Day Sleep Promise

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Free Delivery

  • Pay in 3

A Mattress For Life

Over 5 million mattresses end up in landfill every year in the UK alone, a truly terrifying statistic.

Our Mattress for Life initiative ensures this should never happen to our mattresses. When your Naturalmat nears the end of its lifespan (around 10 years from now!), we offer three options to ensure absolutely nothing goes to landfill:

Refurbish | Recycle | Donate

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Clever Covers

​In the UK there are strict fire safety standards that mattresses must pass before they can be sold to the public. An overwhelming majority of manufacturers achieve this certification by treating their products with chemical fire retardants. ​This never sat right with us, and we worked to develop a cover fabric that met the safety requirements without the need for any chemicals whatsoever.

We are also the only mattress manufacturer to add a hypoallergenic finishing pr​ocess to our covers. We treat them with natural extracts to guarantee protection from dust mites and bed bugs - perfect for allergy sufferers, whose conditions are often triggered by these unwelcome bedfellows.

Handmade in Devon

At Naturalmat, we believe that people, not machines, make a superior, long-lasting product. Our team of craftspeople ensure every stitch, every fibre, every tufting button and every cover is painstakingly created, teased and checked. That’s why we proudly stamp ‘Made by hand in Devon’ on all of our mattresses.

What You Need To Know About Delivery

  • When can I expect delivery?

    Our current delivery time for mattresses is 6-8 weeks. We’ll be in touch the week before your delivery date to discuss a convenient time and talk through any access issues for your property.

  • How does my mattress get to me?

    Our mattresses are delivered by our own two man team who will take it up to your bedroom and get it all set up. We deliver our mattresses in reusable duffel bags (rather than plastic) which we will then take away again.

  • Can you take away my old mattress?

    Absolutely! For a £50 fee we can take away your old mattress and, through our partners, it will either be recycled, or if it’s in good condition it will be cleaned and donated to charity. Please contact us to arrange this.

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