Delivering beds & mattresses in innovative and plastic-free packaging.

Our mattresses are naturally plastic-free, but we've worked hard to cut single-use plastic elsewhere in the business. After a series of thoughtful, intentional improvements, we have introduced a range of sustainable packaging that we are truly proud of.

We're aware that there is a lot more we can do to reduce the impact of our deliveries & packaging, which is why we are constantly reviewing this and looking for ways to improve.

Reusable Mattress & Bed Bags

We always found it absurd to see beds & mattresses being delivered in realms of plastic and bulky, hard to recycle packaging. So we challenged ourselves to get rid of it altogether.

Since 2021 we have delivered over 75% of our adult mattresses in specially-made reusable bags, which can be used over and over again.

These study, waterproof delivery bags are now being used to deliver our beds, bases & headboards as well, further cutting down on single use packaging.

By introducing the world's first and only reusable mattress & bed delivery bags, we've been able to save over 6,200kg of single use plastic, leading the revolution for a plastic-free mattress industry.

Sugarcane Bioplastic

For the few situations where we can't deliver in our reusable bags, we use a certified carbon neutral bioplastic, made of sugarcane blended with post-consumer recycled plastic.

Whenever possible, we bring the used bioplastic back to our workshop and return it to our supplier, who recycles it into more packaging for us.

How to recycle
This packaging is 100% recyclable at home for all councils that collect LDPE 4 plastics (~30% of UK based councils). It can also be taken to local supermarkets to be recycled through the flexible plastic recycling scheme. Click on the links below to find out more:

Potato Starch Packaging

In 2006 we pioneered a sustainable packaging solution for our nursery mattresses that we've always been proud of.

We were one of the first companies to use a certified home-compostable potato starch inner and a recycled cardboard box to deliver all our nursery mattresses.

How to compost
The packaging is fully biodegradable when placed in your home compost for 6-12 months, leaving no contaminants behind. Simply rip it into tiny pieces, and mix it in with your compost. We even print our branding on using a water-based ink, to ensure no toxins leech into the soil when composted.

Cotton Bedding Bags

Our pillowsduvets & wool protectors are packaged in drawstring sacks handmade from ethically sourced, undyed cotton, and printed using water-based inks. This ensures that our bags are not only reusable, but biodegradable too.

How to re-use
Once you have unpacked your bedding, these handy bags have many uses. They can be used as a replacement for plastic shopping bags, as laundry bags, or as storage space for out-of-season bedding. The only limit is your imagination!

Paper Bags

We use these paper bags as an outer layer for our cotton drawstring bags & cardboard boxes, to protect your bedding from dust and dirt while it makes its journey from us to you.

These bags are made from two-ply Kraft paper, with reinforced side gussets and a strong stitched bottom seal. They are strong, durable and water resistant, and are fully recycleable (aside from the stiched seal).

We use a handmade stamp and water-based ink to brand our paper bags before they leave the workshop, and seal the top closed with recyclable paper tape.

How to re-use
Once your bedding has been taken out to use, you can use re-use these bags as packaging to send your own parcels. You can also cut them to size and use them as wrapping paper for gifts.

Cardboard Boxes

Our nursery mattresses leave the workshop packaged in sturdy boxes made from recycled cardboard, which themselves are recycleable and compostable.

These boxes ensure that your little one's mattress is protected during the shipping & handling process.

How to recycle
These boxes can be disposed of responsibly at your local recycling centre, or collected by your local authority as part of their green recycling scheme.

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