We have made it our mission to make a better night's sleep accessible to all.

With many families across the UK struggling to make ends meet, thousands of children are forced to share a bed or sleep on the sofa or floor, leading to devastating effects on their health and lives.

Our efforts at tackling bed poverty have led us to forming impactful partnerships with charities and organisations that share our vision.

2025 goal : Dedicate 5% of our production capacity to tackling bed poverty.

Cotton Lives On

Through our collaboration with the Cotton Lives On Recycling Programme, we have developed a new & unique mattress that is filled (and covered) exclusively with recycled cotton made from old jeans, tshirts and all things cotton. You can watch us handcraft these recycled cotton mattresses in our instagram video.

These mattressess are then donated to various charities working to alleviate bed poverty, such as Single Homeless Project, Refuweegee and Shelter, who offer them to people in need. These recycled cotton mattresses have been consciously designed with circular & sustainable materials and we hope they will go a long way in our mission against bed poverty.

The Cotton Lives On Recycling Programme also works with brands such as Frugi, Hush, Thrift + etc., to collect used cotton clothes from consumers, along with textile offcuts from production facilities.

A Better Night's Sleep

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and getting quality sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. But recent research has shown that up to a third of the population may suffer from lack of, or poor quality sleep.

We regularly work with our in-house sleep expert, Christabel Majendie, to help you get the good night's sleep you deserve. We have run several sleep health workshops, hosted live events and written a number of blogs in collaboration with Christabel where she has shared her knowledge and expertise on how to sleep better and healthier.

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