Carefully sourcing the best of nature's renewable & organic materials since 1999.

With the environmental challenges we now face as a global society, we realise that it's not enough to just do less harm. As we source these precious raw materials, it's time we start putting back more than we take out, before it's too late.

2025 goal : Set up or support at least 3 regenerative projects with our suppliers.

Regenerative Farming

In 2022 we worked with Farm Wilder, a regenerative farming consultancy, to fully fund 3 regenerative farming projects
for our local and organic wool farmers. The unanimous feedback we received from our farmers was that a majority of the regenerative farming principles and practices were already a core part of their organic systems.

They also highlighted the lack of financial incentives to cover the significant costs of implementing additional regenerative farming practices, such as planting hedgerows and cover crops.

While we were pleased to learn that our organic farmers were already doing a lot of the hard work to regenerate Britain's lost biodiversity, it was disheartening to discover the lack of funding available for them to do more. We are determined to lobby for more incentives for farmers to continue caring for British land and protect its precious biodiversity.

Sustainable Sourcing

Over the years we have thoughtfully built strong and long-standing relationships with our trusted suppliers, making sure to source only the highest quality of certified natural, organic and renewable materials.

We purchase and collect our organic wool directly from local farmers (such as Ryan & Phoebe from Coombe farm), so we know exactly what goes into our mattresses. Buying direct from source also eliminates the middleman and means we can offer the farmers a premium of at least 30% more than standard market auctions.

We regularly work with our suppliers to find ways to improve the environmental benefits of our materials and production processes.

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Organic Materials

We try our best to source natural and organic certified materials wherever possible because we understand the widespread environmental benefits of organic farming.

Organic certified farms create an ecosystem of plants and animals that improve soil health, help replenish biodiversity and use less water than conventional farms. They are thoroughly checked to ensure they maintain the highest standards of animal welfare and do not use chemicals or pesticides.

So when we use organic certified wool, coir and cotton in our beds and mattresses, you can sleep soundly knowing that our materials are good for you and good for the Earth.

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