We are taking bold steps to transition to a mattress industry without waste.

We take pride in the mattresses we make and every Naturalmat is expertly handcrafted to be loved for a long time. That being said, when the time does come for you to replace your mattress, we have created a fully closed-loop service to prevent anything from ending up in the landfill.

2025 goal : Create a fully closed loop mattress service.

Circular Design

For over 20 years we have been working to cut waste at every step of our production cycle and make more from less. Keeping in mind the principles of circularity, our mattresses have been cleverly designed and filled with natural and renewable materials that are part of a closed-loop circular system.

We only make our mattresses to order so we never produce anything in excess, cutting waste at its source. And at the end of it's life, every layer inside your Naturalmat can be disassembled and then either composted, recycled or left to naturally biodegrade, ensuring that nothing ends up in landfill.

A Mattress for Life

5 million mattresses end up in UK landfills every year, a terrifying statistic that we are intent on tackling. Which is why we developed a service so you can love your Naturalmat for a long, long time.

Our Mattress for Life Initiative™ is the first of its kind in the UK, designed to ensure your Naturalmat never ends up in a landfill. When your Naturalmat reaches the end of its life, you have 3 options : Refurbish, Recycle & Donate.

Learn more about our Mattress for Life Initiative

Fabric Offcuts

We make a conscious attempt to source and use only hard-wearing natural fibre fabrics. Despite our best efforts, we routinely end up with offcuts from upholstering our beds, bases and headboards.

While recycling is an important tool, it drains more resources and energy when compared to simply repurposing materials. So we decided to team up with The Haines Collection to find a new home for these wonderful rolls of forgotten fabrics. The Haines Collection has a carefully curated selection of premium offcut fabrics from the textile industry which they offer to consumers at a heavily reduced price, saving them from ending up in landfills.

Sustainable Packaging

After a series of thoughtful, intentional improvements, we finally settled on sustainable and plastic-free packaging alternatives that we were truly happy with.

Our nursery mattresses are wrapped in our certified home-compostable potato starch packaging, a sustainable solution we pioneered back in 2006.

We deliver a majority of our adult mattresses in our newly developed reusable mattress bags and we’ve saved over 6,200kg of plastic since their introduction.

For the few situations where we can't deliver in reusable bags, we use a certified carbon-neutral bioplastic, which is a blend of sugarcane waste polythene and post-consumer recycled plastic. Whenever possible, we bring the used bioplastic back to our workshop, bale it up and return it to our supplier to be recycled into more packaging.

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