Our recommended Classic Collection

Our recommended Classic Collection

All our products are made by hand in Devon from natural and organic materials. That is why we recommend buying not just a mattress, but decorating your whole bedroom with natural, ecological and sustainable pieces.

They compliment each other beautifully and are all anti-allergy, breathable, 100% sustainable. Here's The Classic Collection, elegance at its best.

1. The Carrick Bed. A pleated, radius corner headboard combined with a classic Beech Base. Elegant and sophisticated.

2. Natural Materials. Coir and latex make up the core of our natural mattresses (rather than steel springs), meaning this range is entirely recyclable.

3. Washable Wool Mattress Protector. A layer of soft, breathable wool is sandwiched between two sheets of 100% cotton cambric. A great way to protect your new mattress.

4. Organic Wool Duvet. Handmade in Devon and filled with locally sourced organic lambswool. Sleek and brilliantly breathable.

5. Lambswool Mattress. Our most popular natural mattress made of clever layer combinations of latex, coir and organic lambswool.

6. Organic Wool Pillow. An unbleached and un-dyed cotton cambric case filled with generous helpings of local organic lambswool. Plump and luxuriously comfortable.