Blurring the boundaries between furniture and art.

From two design-led brands with a shared ethos of championing natural fibres and craftsmanship comes a new collection of tapestries, bed bases and headboards which redefines how furniture and art combine in the bedroom.

We've teamed up with our good friends at Holmes Bespoke, a London-based rug and interiors design brand, to create three large-scale hanging tapestries that can stand alone as a statement piece, work beautifully as a richly textured backdrop to a Naturalmat bed base, or be paired with complementary headboard shapes for added depth and texture.

The Collection

  • The Bellever, Dusk

    Inspired by the ancient and mysterious land of Dartmoor, The Bellever, Dusk's grandiose sweeping tapestry and headboard evoke feelings of chic neo-gothicism.

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  • The Westward

    Combining a broad, geometric tapestry and wooden base, the Westward conjures an intricate and ritualistic backdrop for your inner sanctum.

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  • The Hartlake

    An undulating, earthy tapestry propagates from the centre of The Hartlake, mimicking the wavy headboard to create a stunning focal point of the bedroom.

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Bespoke Enquiries

The three designs above have been carefully curated by our team and are available as seen - however, bespoke customisations are entirely possible.

As every Naturalmat bed is made by hand to order by our Devon workshop team, sizes, colours and designs can all be tweaked to suit your needs. Please get in touch with our London Showroom team on 020 8090 2845 or email and we can discuss your requirements.

About Holmes Bespoke

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of their skilled artisans, Holmes Bespoke specialise in custom rugs and homeware, handcrafted to order using the finest natural fibres including wool, bamboo, jute, cotton, linen and hemp.

Laylah Holmes and her team work closely with individuals, interior designers and project leaders to create truly unique, lasting design solutions whilst delivering exceptional quality every time.

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