Nursery Wool Duvet

Stuffed with breathable wool for the utmost in temperature regulation.
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  • Organic

  • Chemical Free

  • Sustainable

  • Handmade

A wool-filled duvet for the utmost in temperature regulation.

Our Wool Duvets are something special. Handmade here in our Devon workshop and something of a change from the traditional, these quilted duvets have a much lower profile compared to other duvets. Thanks to their wool filling they are simply amazing at regulating temperature - trapping heat when your little one needs it, and dispersing it when they get too warm. Don’t let their slenderness fool you!

If you’re looking for something for the colder months, each of our wool duvets feature ties along their edges, enabling you to double up your duvets for extra warmth.
The 'grams' measurement comes from the average weight of wool per square metre of duvet - for example, our 300g Wool Duvet contains around 300 grams of wool per square metreConfused? Check out our Duvet Tog Guide!

Handmade in the UK. Packaged in a reusable, protective cotton bag. Available in Cot (100cm x 135cm) and Single (135cm x 200cm) size.

Tog Ratings
​300gsm: approx. 4 tog.
500gsm: approx. 9 tog.

​Filling: Organic wool.
Cover: 300tc cotton cambric.

Care Guide

Handmade in Devon. Dry clean only.

Read our pillow & duvet care guide.

Locally Sourced.

All of the wool that goes into our bedding is sourced from Soil Association certified organic farms local to our Devon workshop.

We buy direct from farmers in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. This means a better quality of wool for us, and a better deal for the farmers.

By working only with certified organic farmers we can be confident that the health and wellbeing of the sheep is prioritised, and that their farming is undertaken in a way that is friendly to the surrounding environment.

The Wonders of Wool.

Wool really is a wondrous fibre. Any sheep would tell you that. Its properties make it the perfect filling for duvets and pillows.

Wool is an incredibly clever natural insulator that can keep you warm or cool when you need it to, thanks to tiny pockets of air within each wool fibre that provide both insulation and breathability.

It is also naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, which makes it particularly inhospitable to bed bugs and dust mites, and also provides far greater odour resistance compared to synthetic fibres. 

Sustainably Packaged.

Naturally, our wool bedding comes packed in an environmentally friendly way!

No plastics or other single use materials are used at all. Your pillows and duvets make their way to you from Devon in their own protective cotton drawstring bag - which can then be reused as any number of things (we think they make amazing laundry bags!)

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