Are mattresses recyclable?

Are mattresses recyclable?

If you have been wondering how to recycle your mattress, or whether mattresses are recyclable at all, then look no further. We have put together a quick guide to help you dispose of yours in a more sustainable way.

Every year more than 5 million mattresses go to landfill in the UK alone. Historically options for your old mattress were few and far between - in no small part due to the complex mix of materials used and how hard it can be to separate them, which is essential for effective recycling.

With a little extra effort, however, there are a handful of different approaches you can take to ensure that your old mattress doesn’t become part of the growing mattress landfill problem.


If your mattress is clean, free from stains and has a valid fire safety label, you can donate your mattress to the British Heart Foundation.

Depending on your area you can book a free collection of your mattress here.


In recent years companies have taken up the tricky challenge of recycling mattresses. One such organisation are The Mattress Recycling People, who have perfected a dismantling process that separates mattresses into 19 component parts. You can book a collection of your mattress to be recycled here.

At Naturalmat we work with this same company to offer recycling of your old mattress, which we can collect when your new Naturalmat mattress is delivered. You can find out more about our recycling service on our delivery page.

Mattress for Life

At Naturalmat we are committed to ensuring absolutely nothing will go to landfill when your Naturalmat reaches the end of its lifespan around 10 years from now.

With this in mind we launched our pioneering Mattress For Life Initiative, which means at the end of every Naturalmat’s life you have the option to either refurbish, recycle or donate your mattress.

You can find out more about how the initiative here.