How long do your mattresses last?

How long do your mattresses last?

Well-maintained and protected Naturalmat mattresses will last you well up to and beyond the 10-year mark at which the Sleep Foundation suggest most mattresses should be replaced.

How long do natural materials last?

We are often asked about the long-term durability of the natural fibres we use, particularly in comparison to synthetic fibres such as polyurethane foam. We select our natural fibres, such as natural latex and organic coir, with longevity very much in mind. If properly flipped and rotated they are just as resistant to sagging, dipping and any long-term signs of wear as their man-made alternatives.

Caring for your mattress

You can keep your mattress in tip-top shape by following our Mattress Care Guide.

A Mattress for life

When your Naturalmat does reach the end of its life, we have 3 solutions to ensure it doesn’t become part of the growing mattress landfill problem - you can read more about them as a part of our Mattress For Life Initiative here.