Are your mattress covers removable?

Are your mattress covers removable?

All of our nursery mattresses feature a removable cover to allow for washing, ensuring that you are able to keep your little one's sleep space as healthy as possible.

Our Chemical-Free Covers

Our nursery mattress covers are made using a clever blend of locally-sourced organic wool & unbleached cotton fibres, woven tightly in such a way that makes them naturally fire resistant - with no need for synthetic fire retardancy treatments.

Our covers are then finished with an all-natural essential oil treatment to make them bed-bug and dust-mite resistant - perfect for children with allergies.

Are Your Covers Quilted?

All of our nursery mattresses (aside from crib-sized Coco Mat mattresses) feature a quilted outer cover and a separate inner cover made from calico cotton. This is so that when you remove your outer cover for washing, the internals of the mattress are held together.

Our crib-sized Coco Mat mattresses feature just one cover made from the same clever blend of wool & cotton, however it is not quilted. This cover is also removable for washing, however we advise that you take care when doing so in order to ensure that the natural-fibre fillings remain in place.

How Do I Remove the Covers?

Our covers can be removed using a zip that runs around the corner seam. For more information, please refer to our Mattress Care Guide.