The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is thought to be the most common sleeping position so there will be many side sleepers out there wondering which mattress is best for them. We look at some of the factors to consider when choosing a mattress for a side sleeper.

What is the best mattress firmness for a side sleeper?

It is generally thought that side sleepers should choose a soft or medium mattress rather than an extra firm mattress. This is because you put pressure on certain areas such as the shoulders when you sleep on your side, and a soft or medium mattress cushions the body and does not cause the same pressure buildup that a firm mattress might.

It’s also important to keep your spine alignment in mind - side sleeping is thought to be the best position for your spine health but it is still important to choose a mattress that allows you to maintain a straight, neutral position.

While these are things to keep in mind, we are all unique and each body is different, so you should always opt for the mattress firmness that you find most comfortable!

Our pocket spring mattresses are available in soft, medium and firm tension so there’s an option for everyone, including the side sleepers.

You can view our mattress firmness guide if you are unsure about the best option for you.

What is the best mattress type for a side sleeper?

Comfort is key for a side sleeper as you want to be able to relax into the mattress without putting too much pressure on your joints.

A pocket sprung mattress works well as the springs respond to pressure in a particular area but you can still choose your ideal firmness. There is also a thick and luxurious comfort layer which is important for side sleepers to reduce pressure on your hips and shoulders - the points that will press into the mattress.

Natural latex works very well as a comfort layer - it is comfortable, responsive and breathable, offering gentle contouring with a little bounce. You can also find comfort layers made from other soft natural materials.

An alternative to a mattress with pocket springs for side sleepers is a mattress made entirely from layers of natural latex and other natural fibres. Again, natural latex offers springy support, but it still contours gently to the body to allow pressure relief.

Some people may suggest a memory foam mattress for a side sleeper as these also provide contouring but these tend to be far less breathable as they are made from synthetic foam.

Therefore, for those side sleepers who tend to overheat while sleeping or want better temperature regulation, they would likely be better off with a pocket sprung mattress. An all-foam mattress can restrict airflow and cause overheating.

Which pillows are best for side sleepers?

You will ideally want your head to be in line with your spine if you are sleeping on your side, so it is generally thought that a medium to firm pillow is best. This is because it provides enough support and doesn’t let your head sink too low and out of alignment.

While many pillows are stuffed with feathers or down, you can choose a different material such as a wool pillow to achieve that firmness. Wool is also a natural insulator and has good breathability.

Mattress toppers for side sleepers

If you already have a mattress but are looking for a way to enhance comfort or pressure relief while you sleep on your side, you can also consider a mattress topper. A soft mattress topper that contours to your body can elevate the experience when you are sleeping on your side.

For example, our Tremendous Topper is made from luxurious cashmere, natural latex and organic wool - with a 7cm depth that can really provide that much-needed layer of comfort for a side sleeper!

That concludes our guide to mattresses for side sleepers. Remember that this is just general advice to keep in mind but you can work out what is best for your style of sleeping. You can also view our mattress firmness guide if you are unsure about the best option for you.