6 Questions with: Suzy Hoodless

6 Questions with: Suzy Hoodless

Suzy Hoodless founded her eponymously named interior design studio in 2000, and it has since grown into one of Britain’s most exciting design brands.

A regular on House & Garden’s list of the top 100 interior designers, Suzy has been described by the Telegraph as “one of the true movers and shakers of the interiors world” and “Britain’s brightest tastemaker” by Harper’s Bazaar.

We caught up with Suzy to talk inspiration, sustainability and her take on the interiors trends to expect in 2023.

How would you describe your style?

I like mixing different styles and periods to create homes that feel good to live in. We’re inspired by the architecture, the environment and the client and so every project is very different.

Who or what do you take inspiration from?

There are no limitations to inspiration. I never stop taking photographs or just recording with my eye, taking note of details that will inspire me down the line

What are your favorite materials to work with?

Without question natural materials. We work with stone and wood a lot

How much of a role does sustainability play in your design?

I think it’s intrinsic in everything we do. I have never liked waste and that’s fundamental to our design but I also want homes to feel like they have always been there which means they will stand the test of time and look good for a very long term.

What has been your most memorable project?

They are all memorable in different ways. Working in Scotland over many years was very memorable, the 13 mile drive, the lack of communication, the changing seasons. I am lucky that I always have a very good relationship with our clients and it makes for positive experiences and outcomes.

What are your design trends for 2023?

Working with natural materials, textures are so important, simplicity and a good narrative. Creating homes and spaces that are robust, don’t take themselves too seriously and can adjust to changing needs.

We have had the pleasure of working with Suzy Hoodless Design on a variety of projects over the last 5 years, including their recent transformation of the former BBC Television Centre.

In one room Suzy opted for our Lanyard bed upholstered in the beautiful Lost & Found fabric by Christopher Farr (see below). 

You can view more of Suzy's work on her website and Instagram

If you are an interior designer who would like to work with us on your next project, you can sign up for a Naturalmat trade account here

Photo credits

Portraits: Tom Mannion 

Interiors: Anthony Crolla