Natural Fire Retardant Mattress Covers Are Bedding In At Naturalmat

Natural Fire Retardant Mattress Covers Are Bedding In At Naturalmat

Naturalmat have pioneered mattress covers which meet all British fire-retardant standards and yet are entirely free from chemical treatment.

Naturalmat is delighted to offer entirely chemical-free, fire-retardant mattress covers.  In comparison to the fire retardant treated synthetic blends that are the standard offer in the market, Naturalmat’s unique combination of wool (which acts as a natural fire retardant) and cotton means that mattress covers no longer need to be treated with chemicals in order to pass standard fire regulation checks.  Studies have shown the damaging effects of the fire-retardant chemicals which are commonly used on mattresses and upholstery throughout the home. In a world experiencing ever-rising numbers of allergic responses and the carcinogenic effects from toxic chemicals used in and around the home and where our global eco-structure is constantly at risk, Naturalmat have worked hard to combat these threats.

Consumers are increasingly keen to make the healthy and ethical choice not just for the well-being of their own family but for that of our environment now and in the future and so this is Naturalmat’s response.

Naturalmat is the leader in the British Furniture Industry as a producer of wholly natural, organic and ethically manufactured beds and mattresses – all handmade from scratch to final finish on British soil.  Naturalmat’s Bedworks on the banks of the River Exe generates its own Green electricity and sources wool from local west-country sheep in the fields beyond it.

Founded in 1999, Naturalmat was the first company to offer natural and organic mattress for baby beds, cots and cribs.  Historically these unusually- sized mattresses were made with synthetic materials. The use of synthetic materials in mattresses tends to cause an artificial build-up of heat around the body leading to overheating which in turn is one of the primary causes of sleep disturbance and all-round discomfort in bed. A mattress made from completely natural materials allows one’s body temperature to regulate itself – as the wool on a sheep’s back keeps the animal’s body temperature stable (as mother-nature intended) so, the wool that goes into a Naturalmat mattress regulates temperature to the human body.  Once customers discovered the wonders of sleeping on a Naturalmat bed for their children, so came the demand for the same mattresses and beds composed of entirely natural and organic materials for adult beds and thus Naturalmat’s range of adult mattresses and beds was born and the entire range comes covered in 100% naturally fire retardant mattress covers.