A Guide To Storage Drawers In Our Bed Bases

A Guide To Storage Drawers In Our Bed Bases

If you're looking for a bed base with storage, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than a divan base - such as our Coco Base.

What is a Divan Base?

A divan bed base is a type of upholstered bed base constructed from a sturdy wooden frame, typically to a height of around 35-40cm. The tall upholstered sides of a divan base - combined with its solid box-frame construction - make it perfect to accommodate a range of sturdy drawer combinations.

Our Coco Base

Our Coco Bed Base is solidly constructed atop caster wheels from a responsibly-sourced beechwood frame, which is then covered in layers of hessian, organic coir and soft lambswool wadding, before being upholstered in one of our range of natural-fibre fabrics (Order a swatch here!).

In sizes from small double and up, the Coco Bed Base comes split lengthways (from head to foot end) for ease of access, and links solidly together with linking plates once transported to the room of choice.

The Coco divan bed base comes without drawers as standard, but we are happy to offer a choice of drawers - in a range of widths - to perfectly suit your individual needs.

The Coco Base

Our Drawers

Our drawers are made here in the UK from hardwood, assembled using glue, screws and hard-wearing dovetail joints on the corners to ensure stability. They are placed on sturdy rails with a built-in slow close, and an anti-fray trim on the upholstered corners.

You can never have too much storage space, and the sturdiness of our divan bed base drawers means that you can store whatever you need to under your bed, whether it’s spare sheets, pyjamas, or even storage boxes that have nowhere else to go!

Our Drawer Sizes

We have four drawer sizes available - as seen in the table below:

Measurements in cm External Width External Height Internal Width Internal Height Internal Depth
Continental 45 19 41 12.5 58.2
Standard 81
77 12.5 58.2
Wide 122
118 12.5 58.2
Extra Wide 137
133 12.5 58.2

Drawer Combinations

View a high resolution version of the above image.

The various sizes of our drawers give way to a certain number of combinations available for your bed, depending on your chosen size of Coco Base.

Due to size limitations, smaller bed bases - from Small Single to Small Double - will only accommodate drawers on one side. Larger beds, however - from Double to Emperor - can accommodate drawers along both sides of the base.

If you are looking for bed bases with storage, but prefer an ottoman style bed to a divan style, please take a look at our Ottoman Bed Base!