How to mix & match our bed bases and headboards

How to mix & match our bed bases and headboards

Did you know that whilst we have a wide selection of “predesigned” beds, you can also mix and match our bed bases and headboards to create a Naturalmat bed completely unique to you?

One of the many advantages of our beds being handmade to order is that we are more than happy to work with you to create your dream bed.

Almost all of our bed bases and headboards can be combined - excluding:

- The Torrington headboard, which can only be paired with the Torrington base

- The Heybrook base, which cannot be paired with any headboard over 144cm tall.

5 Steps to building your dream bed

1.) Check out our bed base and headboard collections, or visit one of our showrooms to view them up close

2.) Find your perfect pairing of base and headboard

3.) If you need storage, you’ll want either the Coco Base which allows for a variety of drawer options, or the Ottoman Base that hides huge storage space beneath your mattress 

4.) Pick a fabric from our house range, or source one of your own

5.) Add the base and headboard to you basket and check out

Alternatively give us a call on 020 8090 2845 to discuss and place your order over the phone, or visit a showroom to place your order in person.