Why do babies need a firm mattress?

Why do babies need a firm mattress?

Newborns and babies can sleep for around 18 hours a day, so it's incredibly important that they have a safe sleep space.

According to the Lullaby Trust - the UK's leading experts on safer sleep - soft mattresses are known to increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, it is important that your newborn's mattress is firm - there should be no soft or cushioned areas, particularly around baby’s head. In addition, their mattress should also be entirely flat, and waterproof.

Why Should My Baby's Mattress Be Firm?

A soft mattress makes it harder for babies to lose body heat, which can cause them to become too hot, which can be a contributing factor towards SIDS. Conversely, research has shown that a firm nursery mattress can reduces the risk of SIDS.

In addition to this, a firm, flat mattress is important for proper bone and muscle development in babies. As your baby develops, they'll use the firm mattress surface to turn on, push themselves up from, and eventually learn to stand on.

How Can I Tell If A Mattress Is Firm Enough?

The surface of the mattress should be firm enough that when your baby is placed on it, their head does not sink in more than a few millimetres. If you were to place your hand onto the mattress and press down, it should spring straight back into place.

If the mattress appears to uncomfortably firm, then it's probably just right. Babies will soon get used to sleeping on a firm mattress.

What's The Best Mattress for Newborns?

For newborns and babies we recommend nothing other than the Coco Mat - the original 100% natural nursery mattress. Created by our founders in 1999 with safer sleep in mind, the Coco Mat is firm, flat and breathable - for a long and comfortable night’s sleep.

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