6 Spring Bedroom Ideas

6 Spring Bedroom Ideas

1.) Nothing beats crisp sheets

They’re very often a plain white, but also very often the focal point of a bedroom as it’s the biggest block of colour you first see. The feel of satiny cottons or wrinkly linens are a personal preference, but what’s most important is they’re made of 100% natural fibres so you’re not enveloped under what is essentially a sheet of ‘plastic’ trapping all the heat your body generates throughout the night.

Our signature 100% cotton bed linen range feels exquisite against your skin with its 500 thread count which that’s a lovely heavier weight for the colder months, at the same time a breathable weave that keeps you cool in the warmer ones.

And did we mention they’re certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard? It’s the most stringent auditing system in the world, ensuring everything and everyone involved from seed to harvest, weaving and sewing are all treated fairly, ethically and sustainably.

Definitely another reason to sleep better at night.

2.) Layering is key

It’s not quite warm, and it’s no longer that cold. It’s that in-between season where layering is essential, not just in clothing but in your bedding as well.

If the winter duvet is now too warm, try switching to a lighter weight one and adding a throw over the foot of the bed.

Yes it’s a decorative spring accent, but it more importantly gives you a layer to pull over or peel off, depending on how you feel throughout the night. It’s an extremely cosy accessory to cocoon yourself into on your reading chair as well!

It may be getting to the point where the wool blankets have to make their way back into the wardrobe, and where our organic cotton waffle throws are perfect. They’re an extra large, 2-ply blanket woven in India on traditional hand looms, so are heavy enough to keep you warm in the spring. They’re hand embroidered with wool to evoke either dusk or dawn across Devon’s iconic hills, depending on which colourway you go for.

  1. Let the sunshine, colour or pattern in

One forgets how much visual square meterage curtains actually take up in a room especially when closed, so is the perfect element to look at if you’d like a quick fix that completely changes the look of your space without having to bring out gallons of paint.

Have a rather monochrome bedroom and need a pop of print or colour?

Are things rather colourful as it is and you want to tone it down with a neutral?

Or as the days are getting brighter, have you considered finally getting those black out curtains?

No need to get rid of what you have, think of it as a change in bed linen. Your current curtains have probably been hanging there for at least 2 years, and might be time for a wash anyway.

Our friends at Loom & Last do both ready made and made to measure curtains, and have a really handy measuring guide if you’re at a loss as to where to even begin measuring out a bay window. Featured above is their 100% Cotton Lily curtains with pencil pleats, the perfect white-but-not-too-white colour to make any room feel spring-ready.

  1. Scents and well being

Nothing says spring like the sight of daffodils sprouting, the scent of flowers wafting through the air, and the need to stock up on antihistamines. Bring spring in (sans the pollen) to your bedroom with a scented candle, shifting from the more wintry scents of cinnamon, pine and oud to sunnier scents of fresh lavender, bright citrus and rose petals.

Our Sleep Scent One candle is the perfect way to bring that spring freshness in, with its 100% natural bergamot, eucalyptus citrus and lavender oils blended into a food grade wax (similar to what you would find on cheese) that doesn’t contain any animal products.

  1. A new coat can make all the difference

Lockdown partially lifts in a few weeks, but seems our staying at home for countless hours won’t be budging for a while.  What about adding a bit of DIY to the weekend’s entertainment? Spring is apparently the time to paint as it takes that much longer to dry when it’s too cold or too humid.  If your bedroom walls are way too big a commitment, why not give your old bedside tables or chest of drawers a new lease on life and a completely different look?

We love Edward Bulmer’s water-based eggshell paints for projects like these as it’s a breathable paint with no toxic nasties in it, so it doesn’t dry with that plastic-like film that could trap moisture or mould.  It’s all natural, mixed from linseed oil and mineral pigments, and if you had any doubts they are very transparent and give their full list of paint ingredients. More importantly, their paint is perfect for indoor furniture as it doesn’t have that strong paint smell as you wait for it to dry!

  1. Plants. ‘Nuff said.

Last but not the least, everyone’s favourite lockdown pastime: plant parenting!

With more and more sunlight pouring through our windows these days, now would be the perfect time to start your plant journey!

Some indoor plants are known for being air purifiers and are excellent for the bedroom, whilst some are like a bouquet of green flowers and just really pretty to look at. Even mini banana and orange trees can be grown indoors if you want to have a go at bringing the tropics in.

If you haven’t jumped on the plant parent bandwagon yet, or have managed to put an end of the life of one on your first try, cult favourite Patch Plants have a rather hilariously labelled category called The Unkillables, as well as do a little quiz to find you a plant that will fit your space and your personality.