Prince George bedroom design inspiration

Prince George bedroom design inspiration

To celebrate the birth of the royal baby boy, we’ve put together this collection of natural newborn essentials that would be perfect for any little prince.

prince george bedroom design inspiration

1) Merino Kids Standard Weight Go Go Bag (Grey) £78

The Merino Kids™ Go Go Bag™ is an award-winning, 100% natural sleeping bag that helps prevent his little royal highness waking in the night! With a pure merino wool inner lining and the finest organic cotton outer. The merino is luxuriously soft, light and hypoallergenic making ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

2) Flensted Mobile (Fairy Swans) £16.99

Flensted mobiles are designed so the elements are in constant movement while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Designed and handmade in Denmark, the calm subdued movements of these unique mobiles will soothe your baby. The royal swans are perfect for the new prince!

3) Flat Out Bear (Milk) £28.50

Natural, plush and luxurious the Flat Out Bear is made from 100% sheepskin and is a perfectly gorgeous comforter and first teddy.

4) Leander Cradle with Coco Mat (White with Blue Canopy) £345

Little princes need their sleep. Lots of it. A baby’s cradle has to be safe and secure. But it also has to stimulate the child’s development. There’s freedom of movement in all directions with the Leander Cradle. Whether it’s hung from a ceiling hook or resting in its frame, the cradle looks stunning in your home and encloses the baby in a safe, little space.

5) Naturalmat Lambskin Rug, £70

A real lambkin rug that’s soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and looks luxurious in any nursery.

6) Leander Chest (White) £580

This dresser can be used as storage room for more or less everything. For clothes and socks. Soft toys and books. It has three large and two small soft-close drawers. It is practical to invest in furniture that grows with your child. The dresser can be used in the child’s room, the teenage room and in the office. The soft lines and the simple details make it suitable for most rooms in your palace!

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