Do I need a mattress topper with my new mattress?

Do I need a mattress topper with my new mattress?

This a question we get asked frequently, particularly in our showrooms - do I need a topper for my new Naturalmat mattress?

There are a number of advantages to adding a topper to an older mattress, such as providing softness to a mattress that is too firm. You can learn more about how a mattress topper can fix an uncomfortable mattress here.

If you are buying a new Naturalmat mattress you can be confident that uncomfortableness will not be the reason for adding a topper to your order - however, there are a few reasons you may still want to:

Achieving the perfect feel

Many visitors to our showrooms find that the combination of mattress and mattress topper provide them the precise feel they have always dreamed of. A topper is great for providing the sort of wrap-around body hugging comfort that a mattress alone cannot provide.

If you think this might be for you, we would suggest visiting one of our showrooms to try out some combinations for yourself.

Bridging the gap between zip and link mattresses

At Naturalmat we offer all of our mattresses above a double in Zip and Link. Your mattress arrives as two halves, for easy access into the tightest of bedrooms, which are then joined together with a central zip.

Whilst not substantial, there is a small dip between the two halves of a Zip and Link mattress. Some customers prefer to cover this gap with a mattress topper, often opting for our simple Frome Topper.

Protecting your mattress

Spillages and accidents happen, particularly with little ones or animals added in to the mix. Many customers choose our Washable Wool Mattress Protector as a topper of sorts, which adds an additional easy to clean layer, whilst keeping your new mattress beneath free of stains.