How deep are your mattresses?

How deep are your mattresses?

Natural Fibre

We employ a carefully sourced combination of nature's best mattress-making materials, that provide comfort, support and breathability without any of the unpleasant stuff that we'd rather not be sleeping on. Better for your health, and the health of the planet.

natural fibre mattress depth

Due to the absence of pocket springs, the mattress profile is thinner, and all our Natural Fibre mattresses are 21cm tall. 

Pocket Sprung

The traditional centre of pocket springs, each individually hand-nested in its own cotton cover, provides their familiar bounce and support. The spring unit is available in three tensions, soft, medium, and firm. We then layer on our carefully sourced organic and natural materials, which provide softness, breathability and hypoallergenic properties, completely free of synthetic foams, chemical fire retardants, or any other nasties. 

pocket sprung mattress depth

Due to the layering of natural materials and their inherent depth, the depth of our Pocket Sprung mattresses varies. The Splendid mattress is 22cm deep, Superb is 25cm and the Sumptuous is 26cm deep.