Nursery Mattress Size Guide

Nursery Mattress Size Guide

Nursery and children's cots, cribs & beds come in many different shapes & sizes - which is why we offer a large range of mattresses for brands as well as made to measure mattresses. Here we have put together a nursery mattress size guide to help you find the perfect fit for your little one’s bed.

In the UK there are standard dimensions for cot, cotbed, and single-sized mattresses. There are many different sizes for crib and travel cot mattresses, so below we have provided the most popular sizes for them.

 Size Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (in)
Crib/Moses Basket
50cm x 90cm
9.7” x 35.4”
60cm x 120cm
23.6" x 47.2"
Cotbed 70cm x 140cm
27.5" x 55"
Travel Cot 65cm x 120cm
25.6” x 47.2”
Small Single 75cm x 190cm
29.5” x 74.8”
Single 90cm x 190cm
35.4” x 74.8”
Long Single 90cm x 200cm

35.4” x 78.7”

Cot Mattress Size

In the UK, the standard cot mattress size is 60cm x 120cm. This is a great size for newborns and young babies, as it gives them room to grow for their first year whilst being as compact as possible.

This size can vary depending on the make and model, and this can include variations such as curved corners or bowed edges. Our made to measure service is a great option in this case.

Keep in mind that a cot mattress is traditionally smaller than a cotbed mattress, so it is best to double check before purchasing your mattress.

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Cotbed mattress size

The standard size of a cotbed mattress in the UK is 70cm x 140cm. Like the cot, the cotbed size is intended to provide your child growing room without taking up excess space. The 140cm length and the 70cm width will accommodate most children up to about 3 years old.

Cotbeds from makers including Oliver Furniture have unique features such as curved corners, so it is important to double check the exact footprint of your cotbed before buying a mattress.

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Crib and Moses Basket Mattress Size

There is no standard size or shape in the UK for a crib or Moses basket mattress. Many families have heirloom cribs and Moses baskets which have been passed down for generations, all with a unique shape. Our made to measure Coco Mat can be made to fit any size or shape up to 50cm x 90cm for no extra cost, making it a great option for this situation.

Lightweight and portable, cribs and Moses baskets are perfect for newborns who require constant supervision. View our Made to Measure Nursery Mattress Guide for more information on how to choose your mattress.

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Travel Cot Mattress Size

Travel cots provide some much-needed portability during your child’s first years, as they visit new places or even just different rooms of the house. There is no standard size in the UK for a travel cot mattress, as size varies greatly depending on the brand. Our standard travel cot mattress - the Travelmat - measures 65cm x 120cm, and can be made to measure for no extra cost to fit your travel cot perfectly.

We also provide pre-defined mattress sizes to fit popular travel cot brands such as Babybjorn, Nuna Sena & Joie, making it easier for you to choose your size.

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Children’s Mattress Size

When your child is ready to graduate from their cotbed into their first full-size bed, they have a few choices available. A child’s small single mattress measures 75cm x 190cm, a standard single is 90cm x 190cm, and a long single mattress measures 90cm x 200cm. 

All of these options provide plenty of room for children to grow, matching the length of adult beds, with the long single providing an extra 10cm length for those that will need the extra room. The width of their mattress will mostly be determined by the space they have available in their room.

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Branded mattress sizes

The sizes listed above represent the UK standard for the different types of nursery and children’s mattresses, but many popular nursery brands use different sizing when it comes to their own products.

Here at Naturalmat Baby, as well as our standard sizing, we also make our mattresses in sizes to fit some of the most popular nursery brands, such as Stokke, SnuzPod, Chicco Next2Me, Ikea Cotbeds, Leander, Oliver Furniture, and Boori.

Stokke mattress sizes

We've designed our mattresses to fit snugly into the curved base of the Stokke Sleepi Mini, Stokke Sleepi Bed and Stokke Junior bed. 

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SnuzPod mattress sizes

These particular Coco Mats are designed to fit snugly into the rectangular bases of the SnuzPod Crib range, ensuring your little one has a perfectly-sized mattress for their sleep space.

  • SnuzPod 2 mattress size - 36.5cm x 80.5cm 
  • SnuzPod 3 mattress size - 44cm x 80cm 
  • SnuzPod 4 mattress size - 40cm x 75.5cm

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Chicco Next2Me mattress sizes

These Coco Mats are designed with rounded corners to perfectly fit the Chicco Next2Me crib.

  • Chicco Next2Me Crib mattress size - approx 83cm x 50cm x 5cm with rounded corners

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Ikea Cotbed mattress size

Our Mohair, Coco, and Latex are all designed to perfectly fit the IKEA Cotbed, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to your child’s mattress.

  • IKEA Cotbed mattress size - 70cm x 160cm

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Leander mattress sizes

Our mattresses are designed to fit snugly in both the Leander Classic Cotbed and Leander Junior beds.

  • Leander Classic Cotbed mattress size - approx. 116cm x 66cm
  • Leander Junior bed mattress size - approx. 145cm x 65cm x 14cm

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Oliver Furniture

We provide mattresses to perfectly fit the rectangular base of both the Cotbed and Junior Bed in the Oliver Mini+ collection.

  • Oliver Mini+ Cotbed mattress size - approx. 122cm x 68cm
  • Oliver Mini+ Junior Bed mattress size - approx. 162cm x 68cm

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Our Coco, Mohair, Spring and Latex mattresses are all available in sizes to fit the popular Boori Cotbed, giving you plenty of options.

  • Boori Cotbed mattress size - 77cm X 132cm

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Mattress Depth

How we measure the depth of our mattresses

The depths stated on our website are approximate, as all of our mattresses are made by hand here in Devon and vary slightly.

To measure the depth, the mattress is placed on a flat firm surface, and a straight measure is placed beside it. The depth we provide is the measurement between these points. If you have any queries on our sizing, please contact our Nursery Showroom team on 0207 985 0474.

The depth of each individual mattress can be found in the technical information on each mattress page.

We hope this nursery mattress size guide has been useful in helping you choose the best option for your baby’s or child’s mattress.

The Lullaby Trust recommends a firm, flat sleep space, and our mattresses provide this, with naturally breathable and self-ventilating materials to help babies regulate their body temperature, for a long and comfortable night’s sleep.