Why You Should Invest in Seasonally Appropriate Bedding

Why You Should Invest in Seasonally Appropriate Bedding

In the UK we are quite accustomed to the cold, and when the warm weather (eventually) does come we often find ourselves ill-prepared, no matter how much we’ve been longing for it! One of the most impactful changes you can make is investing seasonally appropriate bedding. Learn more about the reasons why and what type of bedding you should choose for each season.

Benefits of using seasonal bedding

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  • You’ll be more comfortable

We all have different preferences when it comes to our sleep space. Some prefer silky sheets, some prefer something more textured, and others have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by synthetic bedsheets. No matter what your preferences are, overheating in bed will make you uncomfortable, so it’s important to choose the right bedding for your needs.

  • You’ll always be the right temperature

Most people will have just one set of bedding that is either high tog to cope with the disproportionate amount of cold days we get in the UK, or a set of medium thickness bedding that is too warm for summer and not warm enough for winter. By investing in seasonal bedding you can be sure that you stay nice and cool during the hot months and warm and cosy during winter.

  • You’ll sleep better

If you are comfortable and the right temperature throughout the night, you are much more likely to get a good night’s sleep. Combining seasonal bedding with a healthy sleep routine means you’ll sleep well all year round, no matter the weather, which will in turn boost your mood, energy levels and make you more productive!

  • Your bedding will last longer

After a while, your bedding will start to lose its plushness (although bedding made from natural materials will last much longer), and you will need to replace it. However, if you have a warm weather and a cold weather bedding set, you will only use each set half as much through the year, meaning they will last twice as long!

Should you have a set of bedding for every season?

The Duck Feather Duvet - 9 TOG

While we think it’s a great idea to have seasonal bedding, we know that it’s probably not practical to have to house 4 sets of bedding throughout the year. However, having at least one set for warm seasons and one for the colder seasons is a good idea. 

A heavy duvet with a 9 tog rating should give you all the warmth and comfort you need when it’s cold outside, and a lighter duvet with a 4.5 tog rating will keep you much cooler in the late spring and summer.

Confused about duvet togs? Check out our handy Duvet Tog Guide

What materials are best for each season?

It’s not just the thickness of your bedding that is important - the materials used play a huge part. As you probably know by now, we think natural fibres are far superior to synthetic alternatives - they are more durable, breathable, luxurious and kinder to the planet. Synthetic bedding is notorious for trapping heat and is often treated with chemicals which can be irritating to the skin and harmful to our health, so do yourself and the planet a favour and choose natural materials!

The Organic Wool Duvet - Autumn/Winter

In terms of specifics, organic wool or feather and down are fantastic bedding materials. Our organic wool duvets are simply amazing at regulating temperature, trapping heat when you need it and dispersing it when you don't, making it the perfect bedding choice for warm to moderate days. They aren’t as plush as down and feather duvets but once you get used to them, they are truly remarkable.

Our goose down duvets are wonderfully soft and fluffy, perfect for moderate to colder nights. Feathers give the duvet loft and structure, with the down adding plump cosiness, trapping heat when you need it and releasing it when it gets too hot. Our duck feather duvets are also wonderfully plump and airy, so that the duvet settles down over you keeping you warm when you need it, but allows air flow too.

It’s not just about the bedding, but the bed linens too

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Having the right type of bedding for the season won’t be anywhere near as effective if you don’t have the right type of bed linens to cover it. Bed linens made of natural materials are always your best bet as they have natural temperature-regulating properties and are free of harmful or irritating chemicals.

For the spring and summer months, linen or hemp are great choices for your bed linens. Linen bedding is naturally light, breathable and wicks moisture away from the body, meaning you are much less likely to sweat and overheat. It is also very low maintenance and durable so will last you for years without losing quality. 

Hemp is also a very breathable material that makes great summer bedding. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and mildew, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Hemp is also very hard-wearing and durable.

For the colder months, organic cotton bed linen is a fantastic choice. Our 500 thread count organic cotton bed linen is luxuriously soft and comfortable, while still regulating your temperature enough to stop you overheating. It’s important to remember that even when it is cold you want your bedding and bed linen to be breathable!

Organic Linen and Hemp Bed Linen

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Seasonal bedding could be the key to you having a better night’s sleep all year round. As the warmer days are approaching (slowly), now is the perfect time to take a look at the bedding and bed linens you have and see if they are the right choice to support your healthy sleep.