The Sleep Scent One Candle

Our signature sleep scent, captured in this luxurious candle.
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  • Organic

  • Chemical Free

  • Sustainable

  • Handmade

Our signature sleep scent is captured in this luxurious and unique candle, to create a relaxing, spa-like experience at home. A combination of vegetable and mineral waxes are blended with 100% natural essential oils and hand-poured for us in Cornwall by sustainable, specialist chandlers at the St Eval Candle Company, who have been mastering the art of candle-making for over 25 years.

Aroma notes:
• Sweet Bergamot
• Soothing Lavender
• Fresh Eucalyptus
• Mild Citrus

English clay is moulded on a potter’s wheel using traditional techniques, then individually hand-dipped in glaze making each pot unique. All of this is done by the craftsman at the Western Mill Pottery.

We’re passionate about sourcing as locally as possible. Jamie from the Naturalmat team is a talented woodworker, you can see his other wooden goods on Jamie Collins. When he isn’t making mattresses he is busy crafting gorgeous pieces like this hand-turned lid - truly as unique and locally-sourced as you can get! Add the Sleep Scent One candle to your order to complete your sleep sanctuary.

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