A Guide to Cooling Mattress Types for Hot Sleepers

A Guide to Cooling Mattress Types for Hot Sleepers

If you are a hot sleeper, the nights can be very uncomfortable, and what should be a relaxing experience can quickly become rather unpleasant. Not getting a good night’s sleep also has a knock-on effect, making us feel sluggish and irritable the next day, but did you know that one of the best things you can do to reduce your core body temperature when sleeping is to invest in a cooling mattress? Here we are looking at the best cooling mattress types for hot sleepers.


The importance of temperature control

The best cooling mattress isn’t necessarily one with some special ‘cooling technology’ but simply one with the most breathability. If you run hot during the night, then it could be because your mattress and bedding are not allowing the air to flow through, trapping your body heat.

Decreasing your core body temperature makes it more likely that you will be able to get a good night’s sleep, while getting too hot is likely to interrupt your sleep and wake you up. If you wake up due to excessive heat, it can be very difficult to nod off again.

Avoid memory foam

The first thing you should be aware of if you are a hot sleeper is that memory foam will probably not be a good match for you. While memory foam contours to your body to provide you with extra comfort, these types of mattress actually trap heat and make you much hotter in the night. If you are a side sleeper and the contouring effect of a mattress is important to you, you’ll be much better off with a natural fibre alternative such as natural latex.

Opt for natural, breathable materials

Nothing beats natural materials for a cooling mattress. Natural mattresses such as natural latex, organic wool and coir are superior to synthetic alternatives for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly for hot sleepers, they are much more breathable, allowing air to pass through and your body temperature to be better regulated through the night.

One of the best cooling mattresses for softness is our cashmere mattress, as it combines different breathable materials to provide both comfort and temperature control. A core of breathable organic coconut fibres is surrounded by layers of natural latex and finished with a layer of cashmere, a luxurious material renowned for its superior insulation and breathability.

For hot sleepers who prefer a medium firmness, our lambswool mattress makes use of beautiful locally sourced organic wool to deliver exceptional temperature control, while a thicker core of breathable coir makes the mattress denser than the cashmere, for a firmer feel while keeping you cool all through the night.

Our mohair mattress provides the best cooling properties for those who prefer a firm bed to sleep on. The firmness in this mattress is provided by the two chunky layers of supportive organic coir, and a central core of natural latex, while the breathability of these layers is further supported by a layer of needled mohair, which is ideal for controlling body temperature, ensuring even hot sleepers can get a great night’s rest.

Pocket spring mattresses are also a good option

Natural breathable mattress

If you want a little more bounce in your mattress, then pocket spring mattresses are a great choice. Our Superb Pocket Sprung Mattress and Splendid Pocket Sprung Mattress for example, combine pocket springs with breathable organic wool to expertly regulate your temperature. Wool is especially good for helping you sleep comfortably because it traps heat when you need it and disperses it when you don’t - perfect for those stuffy summer nights.

Our Sumptuous Pocket Sprung Mattress goes one step further for those in search of a springy cooling mattress, as the organic wool is complemented by natural latex, cashmere and horsehair needled with coconut fibres - materials that have been prized by mattress makers throughout history for their temperature control properties.

The same principles apply to mattress toppers and bedding

Natural breathable mattress toppers

All the above points aren’t just relevant for mattresses, but any bedding and mattress toppers you use too. If you are a hot sleeper you should choose natural, breathable bedding and mattress topper materials and avoid synthetic alternatives which will only exacerbate the heat problem.

If you are not ready to commit to upgrading your mattress, enhancing your bedding and investing in a breathable mattress topper can still significantly improve your temperature control through the night.

The best cooling mattress for you will be one that encourages air flow and temperature regulation through the use of natural materials, while also providing you with the level of firmness and spring that suits your sleeping position and preference.